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Hubei chemical fertilizer digests high cost to protect Hubei agriculture to use

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Coal rises in price, cost aggravate, petrifaction Hubei chemical fertilizer digests raw material to rise in price hard in element, productive chemical fertilizer ensures Hubei to save fertilizer market stability. Produce the Hubei chemical fertilizer of urea product for former, fuel with coal, the cost of coal occupies the 75% above that produce cost. Coal attune price is frequent this year, came on July 26 only on August 1, price is moved 3 times inside a week, go up achieve 16.55% . Only coal one, in petrifaction Hubei chemical fertilizer this year 1 come to was compared in September go up many years of defray thousand yuan 4, company loss is severe.

But save fertilizer market to stabilize Hubei, business science organizes long periodic safe production, carry coal reasonable reserve, make sure boiler matchs coal need, the circumstance that reduces lash-up to supply happens. On the base that strengthens management, increase a section to be able to fall further bad news strength, raise economic benefits to rise in price with digesting coal actively hard element. In the meantime, overcome coal to purchase difficulty big, coal quality does not stabilize manufacturing technology to control manufacturing difficulty, through optimizing manufacturing run mode, ensure product quality. Below the premise that assures quality, hubei chemical fertilizer has been done actively farming change a service. If quality is complained,they put forward, provincial arrive inside 24 hours complain a place to undertake handling. This year on March 11, the county that promote hill a farmer that uses urea of ” of “ the Yangtse River for a long time, suspicion buys urea of false ” of “ the Yangtse River, personnel of qualitative check of Hubei chemical fertilizer rushs about for half bags of urea hundreds kilometer undertakes quality trace, cashed oneself acceptance. Current, hubei chemical fertilizer concerns a provision by the country, the by-product of etc of urea of ” of “ the Yangtse River with manufacturing high grade sale, in order to protect Hubei agriculture Qiu Gengdong store with fertilizer.

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