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Sunshine: The recipe that measure land fertilizes again raise the ground to add

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The recipe that measure land fertilizes evenly namely, as advanced agrotechnical in whole town vast rural area popularizes how? Autumn planting hour, the field edge of a field that the reporter follows the earthy fat expert of bureau of city farming agriculture to come to the farmer and spot of lab of the recipe that measure land experienced this one agrotechnical promotion to apply.
A busy autumn planting picture in the cropland that Guan Zhuang of Ju county Liu presses down Dong Shaling village. But enjoyed multinomial good policy,the crop of this village is cultivated this year. What use when autumn harvest is machine of corn combination results, corn results, straw returns Tian Yi pace to reach the designated position, the wheat that sowing is planted is the promotion breed of thoroughbred allowance, sowing a technology also is current the most advanced avoid sow n cultivated land, fertilizer plays even seminal tape the ground in. And these fertilizer also are the quantity after measuring land through agricultural expert the recipe that has something made to order personally is fat.
Zhang Jia hill says villager of Dong Shaling village, what prefectural agriculture bureau measured us last year is earthy, potash fertilizer is short of inside, we use this to plant (recipe) fertilizer, I was planted last year 3 mus of wheat, than other time (mu) increase production 200 go to 300 jins, this seed manure that our village uses for the most part this year expects.
Ju county was labelled 2006 national level measures demonstrative county of earthy recipe fertilization. Experts of prefectural agriculture bureau already collected ground test piece from entire county many 5000, wait for room of check of processing evacuation evolution to use professional instrument to have laboratory test through airing, abrade, sift out early or late. Mix according to assay result again the suction of different crop is fat the rule by expert recipe, the recipe fertilizer that will produce treatment according to the recipe sends the field edge of a field of the farmer directly with relatively favourable price.
Zhang Yuqin of stationmaster of station of fertilizer of earth of bureau of agriculture of the county that occupy Ju introduces, they are main through measuring instructor of earth, assay, recipe, fertilization, fertilization 5 link begin the work. The recipe of autumn is fat this year was to use nitrogen 17, phosphor 10, potassium the recipe of 15 is fat, the expert that passes agricultural bureau the experiment last year, than increase production of average method of application 8.9% . The recipe fertilizer that autumn uses this year achieves 1500 tons.
Current, the 4 areas county of sunshine city already was included to measure county of project of earthy recipe fertilization entirely. Technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land is saving expenditure, increase the income, soil fertility that earth up fertilizer, reduce pollution and waste, reduce the respect such as happening of plant diseases and insect pests to will produce integrated beneficial result. City agriculture department and experts also are enlarging a project to carry out limits ceaselessly, did a large number of works in the respect such as database construction and research and development of science and technology. As the ceaseless promotion of technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land, whole town broad farmer will have bigger profit.
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