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Shijiazhuang develops fertilizer market special punish

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A few days ago, the reporter executes the law integratedly from city agriculture detachment understanding, the time that the our city will use two months develops fertilizer market inside whole town limits special punish works.

This fertilizer market is special punish works, check with compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and fertilizer of face of blade for the key, severity investigates the following 6 kinds of illegal behavior: Of the fertilizer product that production, sale did not acquire fertilizer to register card (nonlocal product is not had put on record card) ; Sham, forge fertilizer to register name of the card, card that register; The content that significant component or content and approval register nots agree with; Make over the card that register or number of the card that register; Period of efficacy of the card that register is registered without approving add to exhibit completely and continue to produce this fertilizer product; Label, label was not added on production, consumer package misshapen not clear or do sth without authorization modifies label content. To disobeying " fertilizer registers administrative measure " behavior should undertake handling lawfully, big to what investigate case, should case have exposure, should turn over a judicial department what make crime to investigate its criminal duty.

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