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Factory of the phosphate fertilizer that give a red-letter day be about to " ris

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The end of the year will transmit the plant of long phosphate fertilizer of the county that give a red-letter day that becomes silent 5 years again this year lively machine voice! On September 24 morning, the head of a county is in honorarium country on earnest autograph oneself name on the investment cooperation agreement of Inc. of labour of violet actinic of government of people of the county that give a red-letter day and Chongqing, this indicates the factory will enter a phosphate fertilizer of the county that give a red-letter day a new historical period, the replacing environmental protection that will be a modernization chemical plant.

The main content that invests cooperative agreement is: The natural resources of sulfur iron ore with the vitriolic device that violet smooth chemical industry relies on stop production of factory of phosphate fertilizer of the county that give a red-letter day and this county and circumjacent substantial area, carry out 200 thousand tons / year sulfur iron ore makes vitriolic ability revise extend project, always invest 120 million yuan. The project divides a pace to carry out: The first pace, strive to restore iron ore of 80 thousand tons of sulfur to control vitriolic production inside 6 months, 200 thousand tons expand inside 18 months, at the appointed time, annual produce will achieve 300 million yuan, profit tax is controlled 50 million yuan. Predict this year in October start working. In the meantime, the agreement returns an agreement, after violet actinic is versed in in vitriolic project construction is started, 300 thousand tons are established inside 15 days / year project of coal chemical industry prepares to construct place, accelerate the early days that pushs project of coal chemical industry to work. Project of coal chemical industry predicts to invest 1.3 billion yuan, annual produce makes an appointment with 700 million yuan, profit tax many yuan 100 million, this project will make my county makes change east the base of coal chemical industry with main area. Two projects can add obtain employment post newly to make an appointment with 1000 to act according to section county.

Factory of the phosphate fertilizer that give a red-letter day is founded 1968, cover an area of 108 mus, for years produce product line of 50 thousand tons of ammonium of 40 thousand tons of phosphor, calcium superphosphate each one, built to produce per year 100 thousand tons of vitriolic product line 2002, it is change east, the chemical business that E Xijiu loses great reputation, the product has the honor to win province actor, ministry actor early or late, it is the key enterprise of my county. The company changes after making, be forced because of a variety of reasons stop production, once the works of prefectural phosphate fertilizer with infinite scene remains more than 1000 off-duty workerses and a rattletrap factory building, make the reduction of a times.

At the beginning of this year, the county that give a red-letter day displays a subprefect to be in external when capital attraction, be informed Chongqing violet actinic to be versed in Inc. is seeking progress external, contact actively with its instantly, recommended the coal natural resources with the substantial county that give a red-letter day and resource of sulfur iron ore to the other side, acted according to factory of section phosphate fertilizer to make detailed introduction to stopping postpartum at the same time. Violet optical company is interested in this very much, twice group person acts according to a section to understand each respect situation stealthily. Came 28 days on May 27, luoyu is visited into president give a red-letter day, with country of Liu Yuping's secretary, honorarium the head of a county exchanged an opinion, preliminary reach violet smooth chemical industry to come the intent that my county invests.
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