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Phosphate fertilizer is weak store the enterprise takes off tired expedient

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Cost rises continuously, acute of market sales volume is decreased, export serious suffocate suffocate, inventory to grow difficulty of have enough to meet need of rapid, capital, enterprise to be forced to be restricted to produce, this is this year the predicament that place of company of most phosphor ammonium encounters. To solve the difficult problem that phosphate fertilizer enterprise encounters at present, at the same time also to assure autumn phosphoric acid the supply of 2 ammonium, the supply and demand that dissolves busy season market is contradictory, national hair changes appoint, the phosphate fertilizer that the Ministry of finance carried out 1 million tons is off-season and special reserve works. Of this job the crisis that dissolves place of current phosphorous ammonium industry whether in time to be faced with to carry out? Is industry right how is this evaluated?
Phosphate fertilizer is special weak store beginning
Chemical fertilizer belongs to “ annual production, season sells the product of ” . Annual agriculture produces busy season, chemical fertilizer demand is steep add, off-season price drops, busy season supply of goods is nervous, the raise on the price, and chemical fertilizer supplies be enslaved to be enslaved to production, raw material, carry wait for a lot of element, supply and demand of extremely easy generation is contradictory. Chemical fertilizer is off-season reserve system is a country to alleviate chemical fertilizer is produced all the year round use the contradiction between with season, make sure chemical fertilizer is supplied, a step that more as smooth as demand butt joint rises and takes will furnish in the meantime. 2004, executive chemical fertilizer of our country first time is off-season lay in a system. On certain level, weak store remove “ the adjusting control effect of ” of 39 batches of hoisting jack.
This second weak store, it is to alleviate keep long in stock of stock of product of company of domestic phosphate fertilizer, sale not the problem such as difficulty of free, start working, also be to make sure supply and demand of market of autumn phosphate fertilizer is contradictory at the same time, national hair changes appoint recommend through association of Chinese phosphate fertilizer with the Ministry of finance, the means organization that company application, expert evaluates is carried out this second weak store the job.
Right weak store area is restricted somewhat, only confine reachs Heibei, Shandong at including Xinjiang, Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Anhui, look the big province that the sword points to to autumn phosphate fertilizer is consumed; Bear store means and differ somewhat before, encourage production enterprise and farming endowment current business couplet store means, policy more deal with concrete matters relating to work; Bear store amount and bear store the enterprise is spent centrally tall, of costly and other places of weak Chu Zhongyun bear reserve is occupied about always bear the 66 % above of reserve, before 2 ammonium crop resides home to rank 5 enterprise is occupied always bear 60 % control reserve.
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