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Area of Tianjin Dong Li starts agriculture to survey project of earthy recipe fe

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The fertilization of the recipe that measure land that the reporter holds today from Dong Li area understands on working conference, begin from now, my area will use 3 years of time, pursue new method of the fertilization that measure land in the round in nearly 100 thousand mus of farm, in order to raise field fertilizer utilization rate, drive farm to produce abridged edition synergism.

This job includes the crop such as corn, cotton, vegetable, point of 1000 soil sampling was established in whole area farm, through beginning field investigation, sampling force of and other places of test, field experiment is evaluated, build the edaphic nutrient that covers whole area cultivated land comprehensive information database, distributing according to agrotype, edaphic fertility, crop distributings to need effect of fat rule, fertilizer with crop, make fertilization plan for the farmer, provide service of treatment matching fertilizer, achieve the fertilization till the land with sound economy.

As we have learned, farm of Dong Li area is annual chemical fertilizer makes dosage is controlled 3000 tons, after implementation measures earthy recipe to fertilize, by save 30% fertilizer computation, can reduce chemical fertilizer dosage one year 900 tons, reducing pollution while, mu all abridged edition synergism 30 yuan.

Current, this one benefit farming 1 million government throws the early days of the project capital has reached the designated position, integral job is about to spread out.

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