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Half the number of trade of Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer is produced can bend o

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Zhang Shu's person tells a reporter, zhejiang complete province is mutual obtain answer the enterprise of licence of the production that mix fertilizer 57, about 50 of actual devoted production, aggregate year productivity is 1.9 million tons only. Scale of production of these phosphate fertilizer company are minor, produce can dispersive, and technical level and level of management are not high, this also is one of reasons with insufficient go into operation of company of Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer.
According to statistic, answer fertilizer has phosphor of our country high concentration produce can with enterprise “ 915 ” development plans to produce already can exceed agricultural requirement far. Ministry of land natural resources already included the important mine that national economy cannot satisfy to expand demand after 2010 to plant phosphorite one of. Zhang Shu's person thinks, 2007 is the period that phosphorous answer fat industry faces major transition, the industry is adjusted already no time to delay. From development the trend looks, zhejiang phosphate fertilizer is unfavorable enlarge productivity and production again general fertilizer, and need fertilizes through cooperating actively to measure earthy recipe, produce high grade and special fertilizer, encourage conditional enterprise to develop high-end fertilizer actively, make the product gets used to the demand of the market. In addition, because calcium superphosphate can use low grade phosphorite, what contain the plant institute such as many sulfur, calcium to need at the same time is medium quantity element, the value of unit nutrient is inferior, it is the necessary complement of high concentration phosphate fertilizer, because this can preserve calcium superphosphate product for a long time, help actor up further strong.

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