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Half the number of trade of Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer is produced can bend o

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The reporter saved fertilizer industry association from Zhejiang recently phosphorous answer nutriment in a fertilizer can understand, as phosphorite resource the province publishs control phosphorite to give the measure of the province ceaselessly, phosphorite is supplied nervous with each passing day, originally in short supply phosphorite resource more social status does not poor, also make even the phosphorite raw material with those inferior grade the popular commodities of the enterprise temporarily. Zhejiang saves phosphorous answer nutriment in a fertilizer to meet secretary-general Zhang Shu's person to point out, get geographical condition, market, carry, the limitation of a lot of element such as the price, character, at present Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer, answer productivity of play of the industry that mix fertilizer still is less than 50 % .
Because Zhejiang is a province that does not have phosphorite resource, what its use phosphorite main support is provincial. In recent years, of the rapid development as industry of resource ground phosphate fertilizer and concerned resource protectionism come on stage, the in short supply situation that phosphate fertilizer producer goods supplies again and again aggravate. This is a go into operation of company of Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer is insufficient main reason. According to gigantic change Xue Jiabao of vitriolic plant factory manager to introduce, producer goods supply suffers be restricted to bring about cost to increase, the profit space that causes phosphate fertilizer company is not large. Like phosphorite of 30 % grade ton price rises by 300 yuan two years ago oneself 500 multivariate hind, have no fall after a rise up to now, this squashed badly the profit space of the enterprise. Accordingly, 2006, zhejiang already had carry on to promote compound fertilizer factory, fine promote divine farming fertilizer because 6 enterprises such as finite liability company produce phosphate fertilizer profitless already early or late stop production. Before one period, after Hubei saves fund of section of one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of phosphorite stone price to be collected formally, this ore that save phosphor rises in price extent is taller, zhejiang a few small companies also are affected badly accordingly. Hangzhou boat civilian organic and compound fat limited company is main already stop production. What need every year to purchase many tons of 10 phosphorite from and other places of Yunnan, Guizhou is gigantic convert vitriolic plant, at present two compound fat product line also have single-track investment to produce only.
Another when bring about inadequacy of go into operation of company of Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer main reason is market disorder. Market analysis makes clear, zhejiang calcium superphosphate is low density phosphate fertilizer, sell entirely almost in the province sale in domestic market makes work, the market is begged for be more than. Should province answer mixes fertilizer to produce per year a quantity many tons 60, basic with provincial agricultural employ quantity comparatives, but provincial of production answer mix fertilizer especially high concentration answer mix fertilizer to half above is sold went to outside the province, annul occupy the market to make an appointment with 1/3 only toward provincial phosphate fertilizer product. Form phosphorite resource from a great distance to come in from nonlocal carry from this, the product of this province plays the strange phenomenon that sells toward the province in great quantities again. Below this kind of state, production of industry of Zhejiang phosphate fertilizer hesitates to press forward for a long time, the Gao Nong that has many tons of 30 productivity spends compound fertilizer, play ability is in only 70 % of 60% ~ .
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