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How to fertilize without vegetable of food of green of social effects of polluti

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Production does not have vegetable of social effects of pollution is the hasten of general trends place of food safety. According to having the core meaning of vegetable of social effects of pollution and green food vegetable, we can get on vegetable product the main source end of harmful material is two: It is fat 2 it is the origin that medical ——— fertilizer is salt of the nitric acid in vegetable, nitrite, pesticide is the origin of incomplete of vegetable middle peasant. Accordingly, we must mix good use fertilizer strictly the col of employ pesticide.
In producing a course, want to be done well on employ pesticide only, the food of class A green that obtains center of national green food to issue (set limit to allows to use partial fertilizer in producing a course, but ban with nitrate nitrogen fertilizer, of organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen than must not exceeding 1: 1) the level is average not quite difficult, but should develop A A form further (except outside can using the mineral fertilizer such as phosphate of microelement and potassium sulfate, to calcine, forbid to use other fertilizer) did not go certainly salt of ——— nitric acid or nitrite may exceed bid, namely the employ of certain fertilizer may become the obstacle that amounts to mark. Because vegetable crop and character basically rely on to absorb nutrition from inside soil and fertilizer, because this production both neither exceeds bid,be full of nutrition again and the vegetable product of high yield is difficult.
One, apply organic fertilizer as far as possible, be applied less or not nitrogenous fertilizer of Shi Xiao condition. Must admit above all, vegetable likes nitrate nitrogen fertilizer most, but to produce high quality without vegetable of social effects of pollution cannot the nitrate nitrogen such as employ calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate or potassium nitrate is fat, they make vegetable accumulates nitric acid salt and nitrite extremely easily. Can use ammonium sulphate and urea to replace usually, it is current that organic after all fertilizer adds chemical fertilizer the most efficient fertilization way, but notice chemical fertilizer must cover ground not easy salt influences ability. Organic fertilizer is fat without nitrate nitrogen, make vegetable has taste of “ dish ” , quality is good and be able to bear or endure store.
2, fertilize because of season. Vegetable crop is gone against when high temperature accumulate nitric acid salt, microtherm and illumination is weak because nitric acid salt is reductive enzymatic active is accumulated easily by the inhibition of microtherm, summerly Qiu Ke is so right amount little to fertilize, qiu Dong must be banned with chemical fertilizer.
3, fertilize because of the ground. The most scientific is to execute the fertilization that measure land, this also is a when the Ministry of Agriculture is doing big job, have nutrient element content to cultivation soil of the whole nation determine, cultivate with determining to coach as a result door undertake the recipe fertilizes, with period the goal that achieves accurate fertilization.
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