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Ginger fertilizes into Qiu Qiao

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Ginger relatively be able to bear or endure fat, and growth period grows, should adopt “ to apply sufficient base fertilizer, for many times the principle of top application ” . Ginger differs in its grow level, have different growth characteristic and characteristic suction fertilizer, period of part of one's job has top application, just can satisfy ginger to grow the need to nutrient.

The Beginning of Autumn is the transition period that ginger grows, also be the turn that absorbs nutrient period. Accordingly, union answers to pull out after the Beginning of Autumn Jiang Cao or demolish ginger canopy to have top application the 2nd times, call “ ” of big top application or ” of “ turn fertilizer again, this top application gets high yield to have main effect to promoting rhizome expand. This top application asks fertilizer efficiency abiding farmhouse fertilizer and quick result chemical fertilizer link use, every mus can apply broken cake 70 ~ 80 kilograms, or become thoroughly decomposed is high grade barnyard manure 3000 kilograms, add compound fertilizer or ammonium sulphate additionally 15 ~ 20 kilograms. In Jiang Miao boreal side is apart from plant radical ministry about 15 centimeters of office open one fertilization channel, in using fertilizer channel, make earth, fertilizer mixes, next to earth up seals channel.

In September the first ten days of a month, when ginger bridle has 6 ~ 8 ramose when, also be rhizome rapid expand period, can fertilize according to plant the way corp is growing, general Jiang Tian applies compound fertilizer or ammonium sulphate every mus 20 ~ 25 kilograms; Better to edaphic fertility, plant grows exuberant Jiang Tian, yi Ke take into consideration the circumstances is applied less or do not apply, the Xie Tu that avoid a bine is long, affect rhizome expand.

Current, help advance somebody's career in ginger in, deflection of two kinds of fertilization should give attention. The first, do not press top application of rule needing fertilizer, fertilization period too concentration, after be being weighed before light, its cause excessive growth of seedling of early days ginger as a result, many nutrient prediction of a person's luck in a given year is wasteful, later period is short of fertilizer, plant is withered and yellow premature senility, crop is reduced. The 2nd, slant use nitrogenous fertilizer and dosage of azotic element chemical fertilizer overmuch, wait for all sorts of elements with phosphor, Potassium carelessly cooperate, its create the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of azotic element nutrient and waste not only as a result, and make scale of nitrogen, phosphor, Potassium maladjusted, often create force of plant excessive growth, disease-resistant the demote below character of abate, ginger piece is undesirable and sequential.

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