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Vegetable fertilization notes a point

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1, night soil and barnyard manure should send ferment become thoroughly decomposed adequately, and clear water should be irrigated after top application rinse.
2, chemical fertilizer should be applied greatly, apply early, apply greatly can reduce azotic element to volatilize extend the time that offer fertilizer, raise azotic element utilization rate. Early Shi Zeli grows quickly at plant early hair, lengthen fertilizer efficiency, reduce nitric acid salt to accumulate. Nitrogen of general ammonium condition is applied at layer of 6 centimeters of the following earth, urea is applied at layer of 10 centimeters of the following earth.
3, deserve to apply biology nitrogenous fertilizer, add Shi Lin, potash fertilizer, deserving to apply biology nitrogenous fertilizer is to solve be restricted one of efficient ways of chemically fertilizer, phosphor, potash fertilizer goes against a gender to having apparent effect to increasing vegetable to fight.
4, mix according to vegetable sort help advance somebody's career the condition fertilizes neatly, the vegetable of different type, the accumulation of nitric acid salt degree has very big difference, it is dish of melon of foliaceous dish prep above commonly, dish of fruit of melon dish prep above. Additional, same kind vegetable falls in different climate condition, content of nitric acid salt also has difference, average high temperature falls by force solely, nitric acid salt is accumulated little. Conversely, microtherm falls solely infirmly, nitric acid salt is accumulated in great quantities, in fertilization process, the sort of vegetable of Lv of take an examination, help advance somebody's career season awaits a condition to wait compatibly, master reasonable chemical fertilizer dosage, ensure content of nitric acid salt is in the formulary limits that does not have vegetable of social effects of pollution.

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