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Technology of fertilization of Chinese cabbage high yield

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⑷ knot ball is fat. Knot ball fertilizer is the period that fashions a product, assimilation is the most powerful and prosperous, accordingly, amount of water needing fertilizer is large. The complete fertilizer with abiding fertilizer efficiency of use of nature of before wrapping a heart 5 days of —6, should add especially apply potash fertilizer, can combine special fertilizer of vegetable of card of ” of employ “ Hong Jie. General mu of ammonium that apply saltpetre 20 kilograms, calcium superphosphate and vitriolic potash fertilizer each 10 kilograms of —15 kilogram, plant ash 50 kilograms of —100 kilogram the ball that make a written guarantee is fat. To make nutrient abiding, had better mix the barnyard manure of chemical fertilizer and become thoroughly decomposed, be expert at 5 centimeters of —10 centimeter deep trench it is advisable to apply. This top application has the effect of water of interior of contented leaf ball, stimulative fill, call fill heart fertilizer again.

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