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Technology of fertilization of Chinese cabbage high yield

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One, the rule needing fertilizer of Chinese cabbage

Grow according to Chinese cabbage quantity needing fertilizer and ability of edaphic nutrient supply are calculated, combine current Chinese cabbage to apply fat time level to undertake integration analysis, decide dose: (1) crop 8000 jins in breed of classy pitch on late-maturing, mu apply fertilizer of high grade farmhouse 7500 kilograms, nitrogen 23 kilograms, phosphor 10.5 kilograms, potassium 15 kilograms; ⑵ 6000 kilograms moderate land, breed of pitch on precocity, mu apply fertilizer of high grade farmhouse 6500 kilograms, nitrogen 20 kilograms, phosphor 9 kilograms, potassium 13 kilograms; Next and other places of ⑶ target crop, general choice is early, medium early breed, mu apply farmhouse fertilizer 5000 kilograms, nitrogen 16 kilograms, phosphor 3 kilograms, potassium is controlled 9 kilograms.

2, fertilization technology

⑴ applies sufficient base fertilizer. Chinese cabbage growth period is long, need the high grade and organic fertilizer with a large number of long fertilizer efficiency, it is very important that because this is many,employ barnyard manure serves as base manure. General mu apply not less than 5000 kilograms. Scatter the barnyard manure of 60% in the ground to turn over be buried greatly first before farmland, in before making the ground smooth with a rake, scattering the barnyard manure of 40% in the ground to make shallow earth smooth with a rake, add phosphoric acid calcium or compound fertilizer appropriate to be applied in the one drawing when applying barnyard manure next, every mus of dosage 50 kilograms of ~ 75 kilograms.

⑵ sows had applied the fertilizer that carry a young plant. Get enough nutrient to assure seedling period, need is chased after apply fertilizer of quick result sex to carry seedling fat ” for “ . Every mus use ammonium nitrate 5 kilograms of —8 kilogram, at be being applied before direct seeding at sowing acupuncture point, channel inside mix adequately with soil divide evenly, water next sow.

⑶ sends a fertilizer. Lotus period manufacturing lotus the leaf is the organ that in the knot ball period makes light shut production in great quantities in the future, sufficient fertilization waters is to assure lotus Xie Jiang's big key, but notice to prevent lotus even at the same time Xie Tu grows and bring about ball of the knot that delay a heart. “ sends a fat ” to should be in field a few plant begins a group when apply, apply night soil commonly 800 kilograms of —1500 kilogram, plant ash 50 kilograms of —100 kilogram, or saltpetre ammonium 10 kilograms of —15 kilogram, phosphor, potash fertilizer each 7 kilograms of —10 kilogram. Direct seeding Chinese cabbage should open 8 centimeters of —10 in plant edge centimeter fertilizer is applied inside canaliculus and build Yan Tu. The Chinese cabbage of transplant applies fertilizer channel acupuncture point in, mix with soil divide evenly grows a young plant again, lotus later period has excessive growth appearance, must take step of ” of “ restrain the growth of seedlings.
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