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Allow the fertilizer of employ without fruit of social effects of pollution

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1, farmyard manure: Farmyard manure points to all sorts of use local materials, organic fertilizer that on the spot uses. It by contain material of many living things, move plant incomplete body, fecal wait with biology trash indigestion make and become, contain those who abound is organic all sorts of constant elements that reach fruiter place need with humus character and microelement, still contain hormone, vitamin and antibiotic to wait. Its basically include fertilizer of straw of fertilizer of compost, make compost, barnyard manure, firedamp, green manure, crop, sludge and cake to wait.
2, commodity fertilizer: Commodity fertilizer is to show by the country code sets, get government of national fertilizer branch, with the fertilizer that commodity form sells. Include goods organic fertilizer, humic acid kind fat, microbial fertilizer, organic and compound fertilizer, inorganic (mine is qualitative) fertilizer and fertilizer of face of blade. Its basically are in order to use waste material of biology of plant incomplete body, fecal, other, and ill breed content kind material machines organic fertilizer for raw material, mineral perhaps physics or chemical industry pattern make the fertilizer of inorganic salt form.
3, other fertilizer: Point to the organic by-product of the provision that does not contain poisonous material, textile industry, and waste residue of bone dust, bone glue, amino acerbity residual, rasorial cattle machines the organic matter such as flotsam, sugar-refinery flotsam to be made, classics agriculture department registers the fertilizer that allows to use.

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