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The choose and buy of compound fertilizer and use

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One, the choose and buy of compound fertilizer

1, the product that should choose normal manufacturer to produce

Because the manufacturing facilities of normal manufacturer and manufacturing technology are very advanced, the product grain that production comes out is even, nutrient is balanced, quality is stable. And the characteristic that product recipe all is aimed at edaphic nutrient state and crop by the expert, be developed through long-term trial and become, the recipe is reasonable, specific aim is strong, nutrient is complete, content is sufficient, using be at ease.

2, want a foundation local soil circumstance, reasonable choose compound fertilizer

Fertilizer has acidity and alkalescent branch, soil is same also. Be like saline land, be about to choose azotic always source to be the acidity and compound fertilizer of ammonium nitrate, it can furnish already the nutrient that crop place needs, what can reduce soil again is alkalescent. In the meantime, also avoided " chloric kill " and " salt to feel the " undesirable effect to crop.

3, it is good to choose compound fertilizer to must be calculated throw and yield than

It is good to choose compound fertilizer to must be calculated throw and yield than, choose the compound fertilizer with reasonable price. Because agricultural increase production adds those who receive crucial question to depend on agricultural cost to reduce, choose good value of a kind of quality reasonable fertilizer is very important, the loss outweights the gain otherwise.

2, note of compound fat employ

1, compound fertilizer makes base fertilizer commonly or seed manure is used

When making base fertilizer, before sow, apply when soil preparation go down, apply agrarian layer commonly the following 10~20 centimeter; When doing seed manure, must notice seed manure is kept apart, apply Yu Geng layer commonly the following 5~6 centimeter had better.

2, fertilization wants reasonable

Employ answer Hefei is not more better, apply compound fertilizer blindly more, not only cost raises, and easy generation is burned kind, crop of the influence that burn a seedling is right of nutrient reasonable absorb wait for a problem. When using must basis product service instruction, combine the fertilization dosage that our region goes at the same time, computation gives reasonable dose.

3, employ answer Hefei is not get sth done once and for ever

The need that although can satisfy crop to grow for the most part,because of compound fertilizer development is opposite all sorts of raising to divide, but in crop fast growth period is like the period such as period of ear, form a vesicle, the demand of azotic element is very big, must take into consideration the circumstances is chased after apply nitrogenous fertilizer, will have very big effect to crop otherwise, although the azotic element raw material of compound fertilizer uses lasting effect urea,also be no good.
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