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It is crucial that vegetable fertilizes without social effects of pollution

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Be worth what carry is, the most important base manure in fertilization, use is proper, have important contribution without vegetable of social effects of pollution to production.

Produce without vegetable of social effects of pollution, base manure should be given priority to with organic fertilizer, mix mix right amount chemical fertilizer. Quantity of base manure employ should occupy the 70 % above of crop total dose. Among them total number of qualitative phosphate fertilizer of the organic fertilizer such as miscellaneous fertilizer of fertilizer of plant incomplete body or earth and mine, plant ash makes base fertilizer, other fertilizer can make base fertilizer partly.

Special attention answers when the breed in affirmatory base manure and amount the following ——

1, should prevent to create fertilizer chroma obstacle. If use the chemical fertilizer of excessive to make base fertilizer, can create obstacle of local high concentration fertilizer. And effect of organic fertilizer delay, amortize sex is big, although a large number of employ, also produce chroma obstacle rarely. Accordingly, when gross of employ of vegetable base manure is insufficient, can be satisfied only through increasing the amount of organic fertilizer.

2, use saltpetre condition and chemical fertilizer of ammonium condition nitrogen less. Vegetable is crop of happy nitrate nitrogen, but nitrate nitrogen chemical fertilizer uses be buried area not easy by edaphic adsorption, easy by rainwater or irrigate drench break, a large number of reason is unfavorable making base manure; Chemical fertilizer of ammonium condition nitrogen is applied too much, can produce serious birth obstacle, etiolation of occurrence Xie Se or atrophic phenomenon. Still can affect crop at the same time fat to calcic, magnesium absorption, a large number of unfavorable also making base manure. Accordingly, should use nitrogenous fertilizer of acyl amine condition (urea) had better. In azotic element fertilizer, the 70 % that supply crop nitrogen measures make base fertilizer, 30 % make top application. In the fertilizer of element of 30 % nitrogen that making top application, chemical fertilizer should occupy 3 / 5. Fertilizer of organic nitrogen element is like the person's dung, make water, when making top application, be in only the field planting initial stage of vegetable crop is used.

3, phosphate fertilizer should total number makes base fertilizer. Generally speaking, vegetable is right the uptake of phosphate fertilizer, it is with azotic element 100 when, it is 25 ~ 30. Vegetable the crucial period that phosphate fertilizer needs in bearing is the initial stage that bearing, if seedling stage phosphate fertilizer is insufficient, although later period fills,apply many phosphate fertilizer, crop or meeting are reduced.

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