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It is crucial that vegetable fertilizes without social effects of pollution

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After a large number of use chemical fertilizer, a lot of places, include Chuanxide the vegetable grower of the area, become special depend on chemical fertilizer.

Production does not have vegetable of social effects of pollution, fertilization should say a principle. Master the fertilization principle that produces without vegetable of social effects of pollution, can ensure to the etc of salt of corporeal nitric acid with cancerous very strong sex is sent in vegetable the content of harmful material does not exceed bid.

What is the fertilization principle that produces without vegetable of social effects of pollution?

Want to be given priority to with organic fertilizer namely, other fertilizer is complementary; Give priority to with multivariate and compound fertilizer, unit element fertilizer is complementary; Give priority to in order to apply base fertilizer, top application is complementary.

When employ chemical fertilizer, must master the following principle: Taboo nitrate nitrogen is fat. Be like employ, dosage of every mus of ground, should control in 25 kilograms the following.

Chemical fertilizer must cooperate employ with organic fertilizer, its scale is 2:1, recall the time of to fertilize for the last time, answer before be being harvested 30 days.

Apply these principles, — of the following problems must notice in fertilization—

1, night soil should send ferment become thoroughly decomposed adequately, top application hind should irrigate clear water to rinse.

2, chemical fertilizer should be applied greatly, apply early. Apply greatly can avoid fertilizer to volatilize, raise azotic element utilization rate; Early Shi Zeli grows quickly at plant early hair, lengthen fertilizer efficiency. Nitrogen of condition of the ammonium when fertilization is applied at layer of 6 centimeters of the following earth, urea should be applied at layer of 10 centimeters of the following earth.

3, should deserve to apply biology nitrogenous fertilizer, add Shi Lin, potash fertilizer. The soil that deserves to apply biology nitrogenous fertilizer to be able to solve use fertilizer effectively to bring hardens phenomenon; Phosphor, potash fertilizer goes against a gender to having apparent effect to enhancing vegetable to fight.

4, mix according to vegetable sort help advance somebody's career the condition fertilizes neatly. The vegetable of different type, of nitric acid salt accumulate degree to have very big difference, it is a leaf commonly kind fruit of vegetable prep above is vegetable. Same kind of vegetable there also is difference in content of salt of the nitric acid below different climate condition, accumulate in salt of the nitric acid below high temperature strong light commonly little, in microtherm weak light issues a large number of nitric acid salt is easy accumulating. The sort that should consider vegetable in fertilization process, help advance somebody's career season awaits a condition to wait compatibly, master reasonable chemical fertilizer dosage, ensure content of nitric acid salt is inside the formulary limits that does not have vegetable of social effects of pollution.
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