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Paddy fertilizes 4 attentions

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Want to notice to apply sufficient organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer contains all sorts of nutrient, ameliorable soil aerates and suck the fat character that defend water, stimulative paddy individual plant is dovish grow, obtain high yield high grade. Organic fertilizer basically makes base fertilizer, mu miscellaneous fat 30—40 carries the mellow soil that apply corrupt, or cake 30—40 kilogram, return 40—50 of manure of cultivate of person of the employ before after breaking up arable land, sailing upstream to carry. 

2 should notice to control azotic element fertilizer. Element of nitrogen of paddy excessive employ is fat, can cause the invalid increase that divide evil not only, aggravate of paleness, lodging, plant diseases and insect pests, bring about bead of empty not plump much, strong rate falls, affect rice crop. Azotic element fertilizer basically uses as top application, insert in paddy for the first time after growing mu apply urea 6—7 kilogram, day of the 13—15 after be being inserted the 2nd times joins weed field, mu apply urea 4—5 kilogram, send with benefit strong Nie. Metaphase should notice catchment accuses fertilizer, poorer to growing 2, take into consideration the circumstances of 3 kinds of seedings of cereal crops fills apply fertilizer of a few balances, later period sees a seedling fill chase after kilogram of granulated fertilizer 3—4. 

3 should notice to take employ phosphor potash fertilizer seriously. Phosphor, potash fertilizer can enhance plant vigor, stimulative nutrient synthesis and movement, strengthen photosynthesis, the function that extends a part of a historical period period, make corn contented and full, raise yield. Base manure with phosphate fertilizer advisable, potash fertilizer is chased after it is better to apply. In the Tian Kuai with organic enough fertilizer every mus base kilogram of Shi Lin fat 20—40, before tillering every mus can be chased after apply kilogram of potassium chloride 3.5—5. Gush of paddy later period applies phosphor, potash fertilizer, can promote form a vesicle to bear fruit. Period of form a vesicle is reached in ear flowering later period each gush is applied, every mus use gram of 50—100 of phosphor, potash fertilizer every time, kilogram of add water 50—60 is applied at dusk gush. 

4 should notice to add Shi Wei fertilizer. Zincic fertilizer, silicon fertilizer can improve the supply of oxygen of paddy root ministry not only, enhance paddy individual plant fight go against, fight function, increase plant disease-resistant capacity, development of root system of stimulative later period, lengthen blade function period, prevent premature senility; Still can accelerate beautiful growth, increase pollen amount, promote beautiful bead bud, be helpful for raising paddy to become spic rate; And still can promote many spic is big, the plenitude that raises strong rate and seed is spent, raise paddy yield.

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