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The note of fertilizer of face of blade of tea garden employ

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(Fertilizer of 1) face of blade and pesticide mix use, want to notice pesticide and the chemistry with fat face of blade, whether does form sediment arise after mixing heavy, become angry wait for a phenomenon.

(What 2) wants to notice different fertilizer is alternant cooperate to use with what much seed manure expects.

(When 3) gush is applied, blade, the reverse side wants gush to arrive, gush divide evenly. As a result of the absorption of blade the reverse side ability compares the face strong 5 ~ 6 times, accordingly, should notice the gush of blade the reverse side is applied particularly.

(4) gush is applied muti_function fluid of nutrition of face of blade, want to read a manual carefully, note the concerned problem such as employ method, chroma, time, do not get optional change. Want to notice to produce license number, manufacturer, country to register date, brand, date of production to wait at the same time, notice to whether precipitation, mildew changes even wait for a phenomenon.

(Water of 5) fertilizer add is attenuant, the brook water that should use cleanness, river water, lake water and pond water, cannot use boiled water and muddy water.

(6) is mixed in the cloudy day aptly of sunshine afternoon 4 when later or dusk gush is applied, following inside 24 hours rain after gush is applied, need heavy in season. Below normal use requirement, a fertilization is unit, want gush to apply 2 ~ 3 times to just have apparent effect commonly, accordingly, after the 1st times gush is applied, lie between 3 ~ 5 days to need again gush 1.

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