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Without technology of fertilization of big jujube of social effects of pollution

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Production does not have big jujube of social effects of pollution, the organic fertilizer that must use hind of become thoroughly decomposed if fertilizer of compost, barnyard manure, cake, billabong, microbial fertilizer is like rhizobium, phosphobacteria to wait; Chemical fertilizer basically is phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer. Specific as follows:
1. applies base fertilizer early. Farmhouse fertilizer serves as base manure commonly, outside dividing employ night soil, can mix all sorts of crop straw every year person animal manure, phosphate fertilizer mixes caboodle soak, course good temperament is microbial the compost that decomposes soak to become, collect to red jujube after monsoon comes before closing, undertake cricoid channel is applied, enhance the nutrition that establish system already, enhance edaphic fertility again.
2. jujube garden is planted careless. Country jujube garden cultivates bird's-foot root of 100 arteries and veins, flat bine, the root of remembranous milk vetch have 3 profit: The first, increase jujube garden vegetation, remove biology to cover action; The 2nd, bird's-foot ox, sheep, pig, hare all is fond of feed, solved the forage grass that develops pasturage, jujube flower, female flower is very good nectar source; The 3rd, livestock breeding is fecal for fertilizer of high grade farmhouse, the development of aquaculture, solved jujube garden source of manure to be not worth a problem.

3. Seasonable top application. In employ on the foundation of organic fertilizer, to satisfy in jujube grows, the need of the result, still must have top application. Before can sprouting to jujube after spring soil defrost, young fruit comes before blossomming period, chase after apply fat 2-3 of organic biology bacterium second, mu dosage 200kg, can satisfy country jujube garden mu the need live thing that produces 500kg jujube organic bacterium is fat. Raw material is with basket the dung that raise chicken gives priority to rejoin pink of certain proportional straw, gangue pink and biology bacterium are planted, make gallinaceous dung into through mixing after stoving again.

4. Gush of face of blade is fat. Fertilizer of gush of face of blade should be united use the fertilizer of face of blade that accords with Gb/t 17419-1998 to contain amino acid or fertilizer of face of blade of Gb/t 17420-1998 microelement, press service instruction dilute, to young fruit in jujube florescence period gush applies 2-3 second.

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